Skin Care Tips for your Dry skin


Our skin needs a good skin care routine. If the skin is not well managed, it may look old, cracked, dry and scaly. Thus, it’s important to know how to take good care of your skin. Do you know that following the same routine all through the year cannot work well for you? The skin care required for a dry and hot weather season is different from the one required during the humid weather conditions. Therefore, one should change his/her skin care routine. If you already have a dry and scaly skin worry not, there are ointments for dry skin. Ointments have ingredients which soothe the dry skin making it smooth and soft. Below are skin care tips to help you have a perfect skin!

Using skin ointments- the ointments have ingredients and oils which soothe dry skins. For instance, using an ointment with olive oil, lactic acid, urea, mineral oil, hyaluronic acid or glycerin soothes the skin.
Applying a moisturizer after bathing-The moisturizers help trap the existing moisture on the skin and thus preventing it from getting dry.
Always use gentle and unscented skin care products. These products help retain the natural oils of the skin.
Wearing gloves once your hands seem dry during the winter season. Also it’s advisable to wear gloves before involving yourself in activities which may wet your hands.
Using non-irritating laundry detergents